what does the word navarasam means ?

Post date: May 31, 2014 6:41:44 PM

Our cultural history is incomplete without the number nine. Navarathri, Navarathinam and Navarasam are the words that we come across often. Among them Navarasam is significant for it symbolises the varied human emotions - anger, agony, love, sorrow, hatred etc..,

Found the small write up or story about “Navarasam /Navabhavanai” (9 facial expressions)

  1. Sringara – Love

  2. Hasya – Comic

  3. Karuna – Compassion

  4. Raudra – Anger

  5. Veera – Valor

  6. Bhayanaka – Fear

  7. BhiBhatsa – Disgust

  8. Adbhuta – Wonder

  9. Shanta – Tranquility


Sujai pulled out the ring and asked, “Will you marry me?” She opened her hands to reveal a ring which she has got to propose to him. Their eyes were filled with love.


Boss: Why were you late?

Me: Because I was late!

Boss: What made you come late?

Me: I was late to office so I came late.

*he laughs loudly and does a facepalm*


It was my niece’s birthday and we all were partying (with cakes and coke). Suddenly she cut a piece of cake, put it in a plate and gave it to our house maid.


He whistled at me, this went on for weeks, I shunned eye contact. That day when I walked with my little sister he whistled, I gave him a tight slap on his face.


I was struggling to reach the top rack. Little did I know my saree was on fire, my Labrador pulled my saree away with full-force that the burning part tore away from me.


My niece promised me that she will be happy to go on her school trip to Shimla. She called after reaching,

She: Mausi, I miss you.

I sensed the fear in her voice.


It was Sneha’s wedding and there was one room left for all the 10 ladies of the house to get ready. Suddenly, there was a stench; everyone kept a disgusting and suspicious face.


I gazed at a Titan Raga Watch, saw the price tag and walked away. Two days later, a package in my room;

Happy Birthday Sri! With Luv, XXX.

It was the same watch.


“It’s over”, he said.

I walked away. He didn’t follow, nor did I expect him too. I took an auto as I didn’t want him to drop me back. Calmness engulfed me completely.